UGA en Buenos Aires Staff

Dr. Timothy Gupton

Tim is Associate Professor in the Department of Romance Languages, and is in his second year as Director of UGABA and his third year teaching for UGABA. As an undergraduate, he studied abroad in Chile, Spain, and France. He studied in Brazil during his MA studies. He also taught English for five years in South Korea. He has taught previously (2014-2015) as part of the UGA Costa Rica summer program. Here, you can read about 10 Lessons he has learned teaching on study abroad. 

Marcela Garbagnati

Marcela is the Local Coordinator and resident of Buenos Aires. She has been with UGABA since the program began over ten years ago.

Dra. María Mizzi

María is Lecturer in the Department of Romance Languages, and in her first year teaching for UGABA. 

Dr. Pablo Ansolabehere

Pablo is professor at Universidad de San Andrés, and has taught for UGABA for many years.