Internship Placements (Pasantías)

After an applicant is accepted and committed to the program, they will complete an interview in Spanish with the Director (Dr. Gupton), and the local coordinator (Marcela Garbagnati) to assess whether their level of Spanish fluency would be sufficient for an internship. Marcela will also ask the student about his/her interests and expectations for placement, so that the student can be assigned an internship which most meets their desires and skillset. Internships vary depending on availability and participant interests. PROGRAM ACCEPTANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT. Students with insufficient levels of Spanish will not be recommended for internship placements, and will be required to enroll in 6 credits of traditional classes. All students applying to the program agree to these conditions. 

Students who complete a professional internship will recieve 3 credit-hours for SPAN 4191, whereas students who complete a service-learning opportunity or an internship with a public organization will receive 3 credit-hours for SPAN 4090S. 

Typically, the types of available internships include medical, legal, nonprofit organization, and sustainability-focused positions. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it guaranteed that these placements will consistently be offered. 

If you have any questions about the process of attaining an internship, or what the experience is like, please send an email to or come to the program office hours in Gilbert 242A.